Into the Shadows

Short 'n Sweet

After leaving Chicago on the extremely fast T-Bird, you reached Denver and set about tracking down you target.

After a few hours, you managed to get a location, a park on the outskirts of town where the artifact was going to be shipped out, along with it’s handlers.

You arrived at the scene just in time to hear a T-Bird powering up, and chased into the woods looking for the source. Where you were ambushed. The teams usual methods of tossing grenades about didn’t work this time, as one of the buildings affected by a High-Ex thrown by Paradox contained several women and children!

To make up for it, Paradox managed to get a tracker onto the T-Bird, whilst the rest of the team, with some assistance from some unknown priests, got rid of the opposition force.

The priests, while helpful, wanted to hand over Paradox to the authorities but were talked down by Carnala. As the team helped the wounded from the park, the T-Bird carrying the artifact was speeding away.

Luckily, they managed to get the information on where it was heading, so piling back onto their loaned T-Bird, they took off after the fleeing thieves.

In San Bernadino, the team were again ambushed, but not only managed to defeat the attackers, but were also able to find the location of the artifact. Realising that they had very little time, the team proceeded to the warehouse address they extracted from the attackers, and after dealing with a Blood Spirit, were able to attack and take down the Aztec priest that held the item.

Which they nearly lost, as it bounced from the hand of the priest into the water! While they did manage to recover the artifact, the body of the priest exploded, care of a cranial bomb linked to his life signs.

Leaving the scene, the team turned the artifact over to Frosty, and getting their pay, also had a relaxing week in a mountain luxury retreat, care of Frosty’s employer.

GM’s Note

Sorry for the brief entry, should get better as I get back into the habit of doing these logs.

Feel free to comment on them!


Hedron Hedron

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