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  • Map!

    As Medjay went speeding away on his [[Okada]], the team went into action. Caught up on the 5th floor, Paradox set up a quick rappel system, and jumped (and at one point, bounced) her way down the side of the building. Meanwhile, in the garage, [[ …

  • Innocent Dobiri

    A bush pilot of Africa, the team met him whilst on a jaunt to Lagos. A gifted mechanic, he gets around in a ancient (2012) model Cessna light cargo plane, that uses propeller based engines.

  • Oni Adegoke

    A king of one of the Kingdoms of Nigeria, the team helped him by catching a extremely talented thief, and returning a valuable item to him. Should the team need aid in that area of the world again, he may be persuaded to help out.

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