Into the Shadows

The current situation

’sup Chummers?

It’s been a busy couple of ‘runs for you all, and you’ve managed to make more than a few enemies.

Firstly, you found a guy that had been kidnapped, and took out several of the opposing team the Black Cats, leaving only on of them alive.

Next you did a kidnapping, one Catherine Westmore, a 11 year old, that went exceedingly bad, where the kid got killed.

Now you have just finished up surviving an ambush, from the past target’s mother of all things, Donna Westmore, though the most shocking thing is that the trigger man for Catherine’s death was her own father, Kazuya Hotomi

Luck chummers!


’sup Chummers?

Last time you all met up with a contact of Paravoxs’, who agreed to give you some assistance in exchange for doing him a little favour.

The little favour being to find one of his missing exploration teams, who had gone missing when they were exploring some tunnel under the new NeoNet building.

You found what was left of the teams, and survived a laughable ambush by a pair of trolls, whom you assumed to be working with your most current enemy, Donna Westmore.

You also made a new friend, in Eliza Khandori, who helped you leave the tunnels with your wounded team members.

Later chummers!

Hot on the trail

’sup Chummers,

So, that contact of Paradox’s came through for you, giving you a little bit of info about where the conniving Donna Westmore has hidden herself.

Unfortunately, the information wasn’t all that useful, as it seems Donna either went out north-west into the Sioux Nation, or out East, into the CAS, and the mountains out that way.

Given the relationship she may or may not have had with the Denver Yakuza , you decided that hitting up another ex-Yakuza for some info was a good idea, so you put in a call to Lady Jade, who agreed to meet you in a more affluent area of the CAS portion of Denver.

You met up with Lady Jade in a “green mile”, a area set aside by the controlling MegaCorp for recreation and care of children.

Unfortunately, when you met with a heavily disguised Lady Jade, you were shocked when she was shot by a very loud rifle. Diving for cover, you managed to locate the shot directions, and had a serious go at the enemy, although Gorgeous George went down to a spray of bullets from a assault rifle ably wielded by Frost.

You did manage to kill most of the opposing force, thanks to a controlling spell from Carnala, and you took a prisoner, though Frost managed to get away.

Upon learning nothing from the prisoner, Paradox promptly disposed of him, then a healed (by Carnala) Lady Jade left the team and headed on her way.

After locating a local Yakuza club, the team ran a quick mission delivery mission, with the promise of further info on Donna’s location…

You are now in a Yakuza club, in the UCAS, awaiting more info from your employers.

Got her!

You did it!

After an altercation with some ghouls and their handlers at the Yakuza club, you got some info on the location of Westmore, hiding out somewhere in the Sioux Nation.

It took you the better part of the day, but you got to the area where she was hiding out, in a Native American hunting camp.

You set yourselves up an ambush, and while George and Carnala dealt with the guards, Paradox snuck round to the rear of the main hut, and took out Catherine with a burst of fire from her machine gun.

Feeling good, you healed the “help” though you made 100% certain that Frost was dead.

You have made it back to your safehouses for some well earned rest.

To Lagos and Beyond!

After the trouble with Catherine Westmore was sorted, the team had a week off to rest and relax, before they received a call from a Johnson who was looking for a team to go overseas on a person hunt.

The Johnson, Jane, was going to pay handsomely for the work, 2,500 a day, plus some living expenses, as she was taking them to Lagos, a feral city on the west coast of Africa.

Whilst getting there was easy, apart from the bad plane ride in, the characters had a little difficulty locating Samriel, the thief Jane was tracking.

However, discovering in the Oni’s palace that Samriel didn’t have the sphere with him, led to the discovery of a more interesting artifact, the Piri Reis map, a legendary Turkish map from the early 1440’s.

After hunting down a thief to get in the Oni’s good books, the team got into the auction, and, after seeing the map go for a cool 2.1 million nuyen, you spotted the buyer leaving through a 5th floor window and escaping into the back streets of Lagos on a Okuda, a motorbike taxi.

What a payday

As Medjay went speeding away on his Okada, the team went into action.

Caught up on the 5th floor, Paradox set up a quick rappel system, and jumped (and at one point, bounced) her way down the side of the building.

Meanwhile, in the garage, Jane, along with Carnala reached the rest of the team, who took off on foot, chasing Medjay, along with a team from Aztechnology and Apep.

Clearing the bridge off Lagos Island, George managed to acquire a okada for himself, and while he couldn’t drive it (‘tem controls too small, in’it), Dreyar hopped on and throttled the thing after Medjay and the map.

Once Paradox had caught up, and grabbed an okada for herself, waiting long enough for Guldar and Carnala to jump on, hooned off after the others.

After surviving a short ambush by some of the local gangers, they continued through the city, including the bad part of down where they had been ambushed before, when, as Dreyar managed to guide his okada to within a few meters of Medjay, Paradox rolled her okada through a melon cart and ended with it upside down against a building.

Luckily, no one was hurt, although it did take them out of the chase for a few minutes, which was long enough for the Aztech team to ambush Medjay themselves, and they managed to disable his okada. Fortunately, with the crossfire from some more Area Boyz, and some mad grenade throws from Dreyar and George, wiping out not only the Aztech team, the Area Boyz, also made a large hole in the dirt road.

At which point, someone blew out Medjay’s knee, and retrieved the Map from him, which Paradox stuffed in her chameleon suit, and travelled on foot to the meet with Jane.

Which was clever, as the Apep team ambushed the rest of the team as they approached the airstrip where the plane was waiting.

This, unfortunately, whilst showing off the mad driving skills of Dreyar, also showed how much shooting a troll needs to go down, with George getting knocked out by a full burst of fire from a roto-drone, whilst the Awakened member of the Apep team started throwing lances of energy around.

Dreyar took out the drone, then the Apep mage, whilst Carnala turned her spirit into a bomb disposal device, moving a pair of thrown grenades (by hand) into the opposing force, who immediately turned into a fine mist, which was enough to scare off the remainder of the team.

Quickly recovering George, they made there way to the airstrip, where Innocent Dobiri was waiting with his plane, along with Jane, who apparently had taken less time to get there than the speeding party.

After a less then comfortable flight to Cairo, they hopped on a private jet back to Denver, where they received a good payout for the job, and a promise of more work, as they handed over the Piri Reis map to Jane.

Watching as she got into a waiting limo, the elves on the team were shocked to see a elf in the back that had age lines!

Leaving the scene, and each other, the team retired to their safe houses for some much needed rest and re-supply.


After a relaxing two week break, enough time to clean all of the funk of Lagos from everything, you received a call from Frosty.

She asked to meet you at a fairly nice restaurant, where she offered you another shot at getting the Sextant of Ages, which is the item she was after the first time she employed you.

Happy to help her out, especially as she looked exhausted, she laid down the oh so helpful caveat: She tracked the item down to Chicago, a city hit with a tactical nuke by Lone Star some 5 years ago to wipe out a nest of Insect Spirits.

After checking the local weather, -15C and colder, you quickly hit an winter outfitters, where you got Medpacs, Cold weather gear and plenty of MRE’s, as most of Chicago runs on the barter system of trade.

Meeting Frosty at the airport, you boarded a private plane to Bugtown, and managed to negotiate your way to a safe house, a motel just outside the O’Hare sprawl.

Once there, you left Frosty who once she had rested, was going to use the Piri Reis map to try and locate the Sextant again.

Meanwhile, you hit the streets, and after checking in with Bosc, a bounty hunter and the local branch of the ABC (Archangel Bounty Centre), you managed to make your way to the Spire, a smuggler’s den in the outskirts of the Bug Containment Zone.

On your way there, you had a run in with a pair of bug-altered dogs, who resisted and deflected your weapons, until George got involved with his combat axe.

At the Spire, you lifted a siege, and as payment, Wingman, the head of the ring, employed a T-Bird and pilot for you for the next several days.

After stopping to pick up Frosty and the rest of your gear, you rocketed off towards your next destination, Denver, a place the you know well enough that someone can easily disappear off the face of the Sixth World.

Short 'n Sweet

After leaving Chicago on the extremely fast T-Bird, you reached Denver and set about tracking down you target.

After a few hours, you managed to get a location, a park on the outskirts of town where the artifact was going to be shipped out, along with it’s handlers.

You arrived at the scene just in time to hear a T-Bird powering up, and chased into the woods looking for the source. Where you were ambushed. The teams usual methods of tossing grenades about didn’t work this time, as one of the buildings affected by a High-Ex thrown by Paradox contained several women and children!

To make up for it, Paradox managed to get a tracker onto the T-Bird, whilst the rest of the team, with some assistance from some unknown priests, got rid of the opposition force.

The priests, while helpful, wanted to hand over Paradox to the authorities but were talked down by Carnala. As the team helped the wounded from the park, the T-Bird carrying the artifact was speeding away.

Luckily, they managed to get the information on where it was heading, so piling back onto their loaned T-Bird, they took off after the fleeing thieves.

In San Bernadino, the team were again ambushed, but not only managed to defeat the attackers, but were also able to find the location of the artifact. Realising that they had very little time, the team proceeded to the warehouse address they extracted from the attackers, and after dealing with a Blood Spirit, were able to attack and take down the Aztec priest that held the item.

Which they nearly lost, as it bounced from the hand of the priest into the water! While they did manage to recover the artifact, the body of the priest exploded, care of a cranial bomb linked to his life signs.

Leaving the scene, the team turned the artifact over to Frosty, and getting their pay, also had a relaxing week in a mountain luxury retreat, care of Frosty’s employer.

GM’s Note

Sorry for the brief entry, should get better as I get back into the habit of doing these logs.

Feel free to comment on them!

To Europe!
Darkest Hour

After a nice long rest in the mountains near L.A, the team returned to their homes in Denver, slightly richer, slightly bruised, and somewhat wiser.

About a week later, they got another call from Jane “Frosty” Foster, the ’runner who had set up the last two delightful jobs into the feral city of Lagos and the slightly more survivable nuked bug nest that is Chicago.

Calling from a train station, Frosty asked that the team meet with her employer, Aaron Johnson at the Infinity club in the PCC sector of Denver. Agreeing to the meet, after all, the last two missions paid extremely well, the team headed to the club.

After negotiating the club’s bouncers, the team navigated their way into the one of the club’s private rooms, where they met Aaron Johnson. Paradox recognised him as the same old (unusually so) elf who was there when they dropped off the Piri Reis map after their jaunt to Lagos.

The job, the Johnson told them, would be easy. They had to retrieve the Phaistos Disc from someone who had stolen it on route to the Johnson from another thief, who had stolen it for the Johnson originally from the Heraklion Archaeological Museum some months earlier.

The only lead Mr Johnson had is a contact called Hardy Wagner, who is an information broker in Hamburg, Allied German States. He gave them a travel allowance, and a time frame. They had to be in Hamburg within 72 hours to meet up with Frosty, who was taking a different route in order to dodge Samriel, a persist member of the opposition.

Getting to Hamburg was easy, though tiring, thanks to the use of a private jet for George and the majority of their gear, whilst the others hopped a commercial flight. Arriving in Hamburg, they immediately sought out Red Anya, a black-market arms dealer contact provided by Mr Johnson. Once they found here by hitting all the local ’runner spots, they gave Red Anya a shopping list, and then proceeded to hunt down Wagner.

After calling his comm and arranging a meet with the person who called back, they quickly found out that Europe has different rules for shadow work, as whoever set up the meet scarpered when an extra person went to the meet, even heavily stealthed as Paradox was.

On the upside, they did raid a Vory warehouse, in exchange for another meet, and came away with some cool toys. They are now about to enter the Underground, escorted by Jan Brecht, the contact for Wagner….


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