Young elf magic-wielder


Tall but of average weight is pale skin, Guldor is an attractive young elf, the significant point of his ears is very noticeable. He generally keeps his head shaved to further enhance his strikingly purple eyes, which seem to almost glow. He tends to wear dark clothing and is especially fond of his armoured overcoat.


Very young by elf standards, Guldor left home at 17 and moved to Seattle hoping looking for excitement and an outlet for his magical talent. Unsurprisingly he feel in with the wrong crowd, or the right crowd from his point of view. He has morals, but like many people believes the current system of corporate control to be unjust and unfair.


Mother (Tirianista), Father (Caldasis), Brother, older (Saegist), Brother, younger (Talmain).

Negative Qualities:

Sensitive System: really can’t tolerate implants. It is more the idea of them than anything else, the idea of something invading his body in that way.
Day Job: works as a barista 5 days a week, for 4 hours a day (the morning shift). This doesn’t normally inconvenience him too much although going straight from a job at night to a normal job first thing in the morning occasionally leaves him sleep deprived. However the compensations of his night job more than make up for some lost sleep in his opinion.
Big Regret: Guldor’s best friend growing up was a human named Adam. Adam and Guldor were playing in a drain when a flash flood caught them by surprise. Adam drowned because Guldor was unable to save him. Worse, they went into the drain because Guldor had thought it would be fun. It haunts Guldor that a simple levitation spell would have saved his friends life if he had only known it at the time. Several of Guldor’s childhood friends know the truth.
Distinctive Style: Guldor can’t help but laugh, almost cackle, when using magic to cause pain. It is not that he enjoys causing the pain so much as he enjoys having the power to do so. It’s a fine distinction


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