Into the Shadows

To Lagos and Beyond!

After the trouble with Catherine Westmore was sorted, the team had a week off to rest and relax, before they received a call from a Johnson who was looking for a team to go overseas on a person hunt.

The Johnson, Jane, was going to pay handsomely for the work, 2,500 a day, plus some living expenses, as she was taking them to Lagos, a feral city on the west coast of Africa.

Whilst getting there was easy, apart from the bad plane ride in, the characters had a little difficulty locating Samriel, the thief Jane was tracking.

However, discovering in the Oni’s palace that Samriel didn’t have the sphere with him, led to the discovery of a more interesting artifact, the Piri Reis map, a legendary Turkish map from the early 1440’s.

After hunting down a thief to get in the Oni’s good books, the team got into the auction, and, after seeing the map go for a cool 2.1 million nuyen, you spotted the buyer leaving through a 5th floor window and escaping into the back streets of Lagos on a Okuda, a motorbike taxi.


Hedron Hedron

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