Into the Shadows

To Europe!

Darkest Hour

After a nice long rest in the mountains near L.A, the team returned to their homes in Denver, slightly richer, slightly bruised, and somewhat wiser.

About a week later, they got another call from Jane “Frosty” Foster, the ’runner who had set up the last two delightful jobs into the feral city of Lagos and the slightly more survivable nuked bug nest that is Chicago.

Calling from a train station, Frosty asked that the team meet with her employer, Aaron Johnson at the Infinity club in the PCC sector of Denver. Agreeing to the meet, after all, the last two missions paid extremely well, the team headed to the club.

After negotiating the club’s bouncers, the team navigated their way into the one of the club’s private rooms, where they met Aaron Johnson. Paradox recognised him as the same old (unusually so) elf who was there when they dropped off the Piri Reis map after their jaunt to Lagos.

The job, the Johnson told them, would be easy. They had to retrieve the Phaistos Disc from someone who had stolen it on route to the Johnson from another thief, who had stolen it for the Johnson originally from the Heraklion Archaeological Museum some months earlier.

The only lead Mr Johnson had is a contact called Hardy Wagner, who is an information broker in Hamburg, Allied German States. He gave them a travel allowance, and a time frame. They had to be in Hamburg within 72 hours to meet up with Frosty, who was taking a different route in order to dodge Samriel, a persist member of the opposition.

Getting to Hamburg was easy, though tiring, thanks to the use of a private jet for George and the majority of their gear, whilst the others hopped a commercial flight. Arriving in Hamburg, they immediately sought out Red Anya, a black-market arms dealer contact provided by Mr Johnson. Once they found here by hitting all the local ’runner spots, they gave Red Anya a shopping list, and then proceeded to hunt down Wagner.

After calling his comm and arranging a meet with the person who called back, they quickly found out that Europe has different rules for shadow work, as whoever set up the meet scarpered when an extra person went to the meet, even heavily stealthed as Paradox was.

On the upside, they did raid a Vory warehouse, in exchange for another meet, and came away with some cool toys. They are now about to enter the Underground, escorted by Jan Brecht, the contact for Wagner….


Hedron Hedron

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