Into the Shadows


What a payday

As Medjay went speeding away on his Okada, the team went into action.

Caught up on the 5th floor, Paradox set up a quick rappel system, and jumped (and at one point, bounced) her way down the side of the building.

Meanwhile, in the garage, Jane, along with Carnala reached the rest of the team, who took off on foot, chasing Medjay, along with a team from Aztechnology and Apep.

Clearing the bridge off Lagos Island, George managed to acquire a okada for himself, and while he couldn’t drive it (‘tem controls too small, in’it), Dreyar hopped on and throttled the thing after Medjay and the map.

Once Paradox had caught up, and grabbed an okada for herself, waiting long enough for Guldar and Carnala to jump on, hooned off after the others.

After surviving a short ambush by some of the local gangers, they continued through the city, including the bad part of down where they had been ambushed before, when, as Dreyar managed to guide his okada to within a few meters of Medjay, Paradox rolled her okada through a melon cart and ended with it upside down against a building.

Luckily, no one was hurt, although it did take them out of the chase for a few minutes, which was long enough for the Aztech team to ambush Medjay themselves, and they managed to disable his okada. Fortunately, with the crossfire from some more Area Boyz, and some mad grenade throws from Dreyar and George, wiping out not only the Aztech team, the Area Boyz, also made a large hole in the dirt road.

At which point, someone blew out Medjay’s knee, and retrieved the Map from him, which Paradox stuffed in her chameleon suit, and travelled on foot to the meet with Jane.

Which was clever, as the Apep team ambushed the rest of the team as they approached the airstrip where the plane was waiting.

This, unfortunately, whilst showing off the mad driving skills of Dreyar, also showed how much shooting a troll needs to go down, with George getting knocked out by a full burst of fire from a roto-drone, whilst the Awakened member of the Apep team started throwing lances of energy around.

Dreyar took out the drone, then the Apep mage, whilst Carnala turned her spirit into a bomb disposal device, moving a pair of thrown grenades (by hand) into the opposing force, who immediately turned into a fine mist, which was enough to scare off the remainder of the team.

Quickly recovering George, they made there way to the airstrip, where Innocent Dobiri was waiting with his plane, along with Jane, who apparently had taken less time to get there than the speeding party.

After a less then comfortable flight to Cairo, they hopped on a private jet back to Denver, where they received a good payout for the job, and a promise of more work, as they handed over the Piri Reis map to Jane.

Watching as she got into a waiting limo, the elves on the team were shocked to see a elf in the back that had age lines!

Leaving the scene, and each other, the team retired to their safe houses for some much needed rest and re-supply.


Hedron Hedron

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