Into the Shadows

Hot on the trail

’sup Chummers,

So, that contact of Paradox’s came through for you, giving you a little bit of info about where the conniving Donna Westmore has hidden herself.

Unfortunately, the information wasn’t all that useful, as it seems Donna either went out north-west into the Sioux Nation, or out East, into the CAS, and the mountains out that way.

Given the relationship she may or may not have had with the Denver Yakuza , you decided that hitting up another ex-Yakuza for some info was a good idea, so you put in a call to Lady Jade, who agreed to meet you in a more affluent area of the CAS portion of Denver.

You met up with Lady Jade in a “green mile”, a area set aside by the controlling MegaCorp for recreation and care of children.

Unfortunately, when you met with a heavily disguised Lady Jade, you were shocked when she was shot by a very loud rifle. Diving for cover, you managed to locate the shot directions, and had a serious go at the enemy, although Gorgeous George went down to a spray of bullets from a assault rifle ably wielded by Frost.

You did manage to kill most of the opposing force, thanks to a controlling spell from Carnala, and you took a prisoner, though Frost managed to get away.

Upon learning nothing from the prisoner, Paradox promptly disposed of him, then a healed (by Carnala) Lady Jade left the team and headed on her way.

After locating a local Yakuza club, the team ran a quick mission delivery mission, with the promise of further info on Donna’s location…

You are now in a Yakuza club, in the UCAS, awaiting more info from your employers.


Hedron Hedron

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