Into the Shadows


After a relaxing two week break, enough time to clean all of the funk of Lagos from everything, you received a call from Frosty.

She asked to meet you at a fairly nice restaurant, where she offered you another shot at getting the Sextant of Ages, which is the item she was after the first time she employed you.

Happy to help her out, especially as she looked exhausted, she laid down the oh so helpful caveat: She tracked the item down to Chicago, a city hit with a tactical nuke by Lone Star some 5 years ago to wipe out a nest of Insect Spirits.

After checking the local weather, -15C and colder, you quickly hit an winter outfitters, where you got Medpacs, Cold weather gear and plenty of MRE’s, as most of Chicago runs on the barter system of trade.

Meeting Frosty at the airport, you boarded a private plane to Bugtown, and managed to negotiate your way to a safe house, a motel just outside the O’Hare sprawl.

Once there, you left Frosty who once she had rested, was going to use the Piri Reis map to try and locate the Sextant again.

Meanwhile, you hit the streets, and after checking in with Bosc, a bounty hunter and the local branch of the ABC (Archangel Bounty Centre), you managed to make your way to the Spire, a smuggler’s den in the outskirts of the Bug Containment Zone.

On your way there, you had a run in with a pair of bug-altered dogs, who resisted and deflected your weapons, until George got involved with his combat axe.

At the Spire, you lifted a siege, and as payment, Wingman, the head of the ring, employed a T-Bird and pilot for you for the next several days.

After stopping to pick up Frosty and the rest of your gear, you rocketed off towards your next destination, Denver, a place the you know well enough that someone can easily disappear off the face of the Sixth World.


Hedron Hedron

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